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Oregon Piano Lessons

Fantastic teacher!

"I think that if you go into piano lessons not so good, you'll definitely improve by the time you finish with Ms. Annie! She is really nice. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would give her a 100 star rating!"

- Emma P.
Oregon Piano Lessons

Simply the best.

"Annie was easily the greatest piano teacher I've ever had. She taught me from the very beginning with such patience but always encouraging me and showing me how to improve."

- Molly A.
Oregon Piano Lessons

Highly recommended!

"My daughter had never had lessons, and was a bit apprehensive, but Annie's patience and approach to teaching made her love learning. [It was the] highlight of her week!"

- Jeff W.
Oregon Piano Lessons

Worth every penny.

"Annie engages her students in a way that makes learning fun for them while instilling the love for music. She's always dependable and fun loving too! She taught both of my girls! 5 star rating!!"

- Lisa A.

We can teach all ages & levels

It's never the wrong time to begin or continue piano lessons!
Child learning piano


We accept students as young as five years old. Visit the FAQ's on this page to determine if your child is ready to begin lessons.

Teen learning piano


Playing the piano can be a fantastic creative outlet for teenagers. In addition to learning how to play classical pieces, students are taught how to compose their own music.

Adult learning piano


Playing the piano has been shown to significantly increase brain and memory development, which is appealing to many adults.

Flexible payment options

We'll do my best to accomodate your financial situation.

Semester Tuition
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  • 16 lessons
  • 4 masters classes
  • Lesson materials (books, handouts, etc)
  • Recital & Party
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Monthly Installments

  • 16 lessons
  • 4 masters classes
  • Lesson materials (books, handouts, etc)
  • Recital & Party
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Note: A contract for 4 months of lessons is required for either option.

Daytime Discount!

Adults and home-schooled students receive 20% off tuition if they attend lessons during the morning or early afternoon!

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A valuable skill & development opportunity

There are many advantages to studing piano.

Advantages of piano study

  • Increases brain & memory development
  • Improves coordination
  • Contributes to emotional health & well-being
  • Helps develop discipline & perseverance

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Our studio is our home.

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Piano lessons are individually customized for each child and adult student. The core lessons focus on the following: technique development, music theory, memorization, performance, and music history.

The studio also offers monthly master classes for students, giving them the opportunity to perform, learn about music history, and musically engage with their peers. There are two classes: one for younger students and another for older students. We also offer several parties and recitals throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions:


What ages and levels do you accept?

Children (age 5 and older) and adults, beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels.

Is it ever too late to begin studying the piano?

No! Although younger brains tend to be more plastic, older students have several advantages. They tend to know how they learn best; have more discipline in practicing, and a longer attention span.

What is your teaching schedule?

Morning, afternoon, evening, weekday and weekend lessons are provided to best fit your schedule. Please contact me for availability and how to get started.

When am I ready to begin piano lessons?


  • Can your child count from 1-10 and recognize written numbers?
  • Can your child recite the alphabet and recognize written letters A-G?
  • Is your child beginning to differentiate right from left?
  • Is your child able to focus on one activity and/or sit still for at least 10 minutes at a time?
  • Is your child expressing musicality (humming, singing, dancing, tapping rhythms, etc)?
  • Is your child showing interest in music or asking about piano lessons?


  • Do you wish to play the piano for fun,recreation or stress relief?
  • Do you wish to improve your piano playing skills?
  • Do you enjoy trying out new things?
  • Are you motivated by the desire to play the piano?
  • Are you looking for a piano teacher who will teach you the music you want to play!

If you selected 3 or more items in either category above, you are ready to begin.

Where are lessons offered?

Lessons are offered at my home studio, located in Englewood.

May I observe my child at their lessons?

Absolutely! You may observe as many lessons as you would like. Alternatively, you may wait in the home or outside in your car. I discourage parents from leaving the premises to run errands, as most lessons are only 30 minutes in duration. If you do leave, be sure to return in time to collect your child.

Must I own a piano?

You need to have daily access to a piano.

Are digital pianos acceptable?

Yes. Ideally, a digital piano should be full size (88 keys), with touch sensitive and weighted keys. The keyboard must be able to produce a quality piano sound and have a sustain pedal.

What are the practice requirements?

The how much and how often is contingent on the age, skill level and time schedules of each student. In general, students should practice between 15-30 minutes a day in order to become proficient. I will show you tips to practice most efficiently and enjoyably.

What are your lesson rates?

Tuition is $400 and includes the cost of 16 lessons,4 master classes,and lesson materials (books, handouts, etc.) Tuition is due at the first class of each four-month semester. Fall Semester is mid-August through mid-December and Spring semester is mid-January through mid-May. Contact me for summer rates. Tuition rates are more economical than month-to-month payments, but individuals do have the option of paying $115 each month, which includes four lessons, one master class, and the cost of materials,for a total of $460 a semester. Adults and home-schooled students receive 20% off tuition if they attend lessons during the morning or early afternoon.

What is your cancelation policy?

I am pleased to say that I have never had a student quit piano lessons. I strive to make lessons as exciting and fulfilling as possible. Tuition costs pay my salary,and as such, they are non-refundable. Students will be given a weekly lesson schedule with the dates, names, and contact information for all students. If, for any reason, a student needs to reschedule a lesson, it is their responsibility to arrange a change in schedule with another student. If for any reason I need to cancel a lesson, I will refund the cost of that lesson in full.

Are recitals offered?

Yes! Recitals are held once a semester.

Your Instructor, Annie Snow

Annie Snow, Piano Instructor

Annie is a professor and PhD student at the University of Kentucky. She attended Georgetown College on a piano scholarship and began her piano studio in graduate school. She has over 20 years practice experience and three years teaching experience.

Annie is the recipient of three gold cups from the Kentucky Federation of Music Clubs, which represents nine consecutive years of superior piano performance. Annie is also the former music minister for a Baptist church in Winchester, Kentucky.

After teaching in Kentutcky, Annie is excited to open her Salem studio. Annie enjoys incorporating creative and innovative methodologies, catered specifically towards individual clients' learning styles. She excels in teaching technique, especially to younger students. All of her students have consistently received superior scores from the Kentucky Federation of Music Clubs.